Scones, Cakes & Happiness

Friday, 1 August 2014

Afternoon Tea2
Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea6
Scones, Cakes & Happiness

My Nanna was turning another year older... we decided to celebrate by eating ALL of the scones, cakes and sweet things.

I do miss Manchester - ever time I go home, a new restaurant / bar / awesome thing has popped up to welcome me home and make me miss it that bit more. The 'Rosylee Tearooms' is a recent addition to the ever expanding Northern Quarter so I booked us in to sample the goods. As you walk through the doors you are greeted with delicious smells, flowers draped from the ceilings and vintage looking crockery.

We opted for the cream tea, which is basically an afternoon tea minus the selection of sandwiches. The scones were delicious - the raisins had been sneakily replaced with chocolate, which in a warm scone, just equals perfection. I think I may need to opt for the champagne counterpart next time.

Due to the vintage feel of the tearooms I felt it was necessary to don a vintage dress (a new favourite, Manchester do vintage WELL). The high waistline made cake eating all the more pleasant... on that note, the cake selection was immense - after eating all of the cakes, we came to the conclusion that the 'Rosylee Tearooms' is just a generally tasty establishment.

Eating our body weight in sweet treats felt well deserved, we left feeling full and happy. The trip into Primark that followed however...

If you reside in the North, I suggest you go and get your fill - Rosylee Tearooms
Afternoon Tea4
Afternoon Tea8
Afternoon Tea3
Afternoon Tea5
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