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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

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Feeling Fruity
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Feeling Fruity

So... I've shed hair for the summer. My hair has halved and I am pretty happy with that fact - using a hairdryer for longer than 20 seconds is a thing of the past, bare necks with added breeze for everyone.

Another sunny day in Manchester was upon us - not a rain cloud in site. I decided to dress refreshing, let me tell you a story about this skirt...

... I had tried on a skirt in a size 12, which I managed to drag up over my bum, but it stopped there - no way was it going to fit. Distraught I wandered around Primark, I spotted this beautiful watermelon creation hanging lonely on a rail, I instantly ran over to find it was a size 10. Not one to be deterred I tried it on anyway and it fit! Celebrations, (mainly dancing) ensued. Me and the skirt came together in one moment of perfection - I loved the skirt and the skirt loved me. I gripped the skirt, eyeing people with disgust if they came near the skirt (I had to protect it, the till was close). I arrived at the till - the tag said £12 yet it went through at £5. Winning.

So anyway, I obviously had to wear the skirt right away. I am not the kind of person who can buy something and save it. I dressed like a watermelon to go for lunch, drink iced coffee and play in the greenhouse amongst the baby fruits and vegetables. Did you know that tomatoes started their lives as flowers? Did you know that strawberries grown in my Grandad's greenhouse are the tastiest?

Tell me your stories :)
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