Feeling a Little SMUG

Friday, 18 July 2014

Feeling a Little SMUG

Smug is part of 2014's 'ace discoveries', Smug turned the grand old age of 5 and I went along to help celebrate with cake and ALL the pastel colours.

The shop itself is hidden down Camden Passage, amongst the best of vintage and design that Angel has to offer. Everything from the website design and shop design, down to the design / curation of the actual products is down to Lizzie Evans. After the initial opening in 2009 - Smug has been grown and curated with beautiful colours and eccentric patterns to create Smug's distinctive style.

After sampling a coffee and a cake from the new 'Cafe Smug' I felt the distinct urge to explore. Smug is split over three floors - I mean the place has everything... You can wander in - sit in the cafe, eat cake, read a paper, buy awesome things, stand on the best wooden floors ever and then attend a workshop...

The thing I found most amazing about Smug, was Lizzie - she has a vision for how she wants Smug (and quite possibly her life) to be, and just makes it happen. I love that she works closely with the brands that are stocked to create new and unique products to wow the crowd.

A pineapple and a guinea pig - sounds great right? Well whack that on an apron and you will have a good chance of getting me in the kitchen.. Smug is part of the London Design Festival in September, so I can feel a few more trips happening in the near future!

Any other exciting design stores that I have to visit?


  1. This looks like the perfect place to go and explore. Loving the pineapple themed goods, although god knows I don't need any more aprons!!

    1. You need ALL of the aprons, especially when pineapples are thrown in!


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