White Out

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

White Backpack11
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White Out

You know the feeling when you see something and just HAVE to make it yours?... Well I encountered this feeling with this backpack. I was walking past New Look, made eye contact with the bag and the next thing I knew - I was at the till.... ok, dramatic but you get the jist - I love the bag.

As it so happened, Camberwell Arts Festival was starting the day after, which gave me the prime white bag / white shoe / white sock wearing opportunity. The Camberwell Arts Festival is great, for two weeks Camberwell floods with art installations, open studios and arty type activities. My friend Sophie was part of the exhibitors (you can see her decorating of Rainbow Street below - great eh?)

I will leave a link to her website if you want to be nosy :)

We grabbed a map and began our arty exploration of Camberwell, not before fuelling at The Tiger - did somebody say buttermilk chicken? I am drooling? I could eat that right now... Camberwell is relatively small, which makes it easy to explore all of the 20 installations in one day. The festival finished this weekend but a lot of the art work will be sticking firmly in place if you fancy a wander?
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White Backpack8
The best discovery of Camberwell Arts Fair was Gita's Portal - the beautiful fabrics, the way the clothes were designed and THAT coat were just perfection! 
White Backpack12
Perfect end to the day...


  1. Man that buttermilk chicken looks so good! I've been eyeing up that backpack in emerald green for a while now but just can't commit!


    1. Get the back, you will not regret it! Also the chicken was BEAUTIFUL! x


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