The Brixton People's Market

Monday, 24 March 2014

People's Market
People's Market1
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The Brixton People's Kitchen

After a heavy Saturday night, a wholesome, community infused Sunday felt necessary.
I dragged myself out of my pit of despair and into the shower – before heading over to the ‘Brixton People’s Kitchen’ being held at Myatts Field Park. When we arrived the scent of fresh food and goodness led us straight to the place we needed to be.
The aim of the ‘Brixton People’s Kitchen’ is to utilize foods that would otherwise be thrown away in an aim to reduce waste! A team of volunteers head off in the morning on the hunt for food that would be wasted ad then turn it into a fantastic and rather experimental (recipes have to be decided on the spot when the haul is in) three-course meal. What the cooks created out of food that would have just gone in the bin was incredible!
People's Kitchen5
People's Kitchen8
The atmosphere was so chilled out and relaxed - after collecting our food we moved to any space that had room and ticked straight in. I sampled the onion, cabbage and broccoli soup with a chunk of fresh, warm bread, before moving onto bread & butter pudding for desert. They had a whole menu including roasted vegetables, mash and Indian Dahl curry!
Another one of the groups aims is to ‘bring people together’ – you get the chance to meet, create and share a meal with a whole new group of people. Spreading happiness one onion at a time.
I’m going to look into being part of the collectors / creaters next time, although creativity with a limited selection of food really isn’t my strong suit. I would just feel like a more enriched human being if I was doing something to help / benefit others.
Myatts Field Park is an ace destination for a sunny day, they usually have jazz playing in the afternoons and they have a community run garden, which you can volunteer at – we were given a handful of radishes as a parting gift…
You can find out a bit more about them here – BRIXTON PEOPLE’S KITCHEN
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People's Market2
The greenhouse was incredible, we ogled the greenery and baubles before coming away with a veggie haul.


  1. Ahh, that is a cool idea - and really shows how much is unnecessarily thrown way! to love a vintage jumper ;)


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