Dinosaurs are back, I clocked them in Crystal Palace

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Dinosaurs are back, I clocked them in Crystal Palace

Seeing more of London is always high up on my to-do list, after moving to Crystal Palace my friend ensured that would be the case. 
Since the sun had made the effort to put on a happy face I decided to forgo my usual Sunday ritual of staying in bed until the last possible moment, jump on a bus and explore.

This was also the perfect opportunity to wear my badass gold jacket - although when is it ever a bad time?
Crystal Palace was a lot hillier than I assumed… providing me with the perfect opportunity to eat my weight in food at one of the local eatery’s. There aren’t really any food chains in the Palace, which was actually quite refreshing. It dragged me away from my Pret staple right into the lap of the Domali Café. The café was ace, they had an outdoor seating area, reasonably priced / delicious food and they cater for the more particular among us (pescatarians rejoice). I stocked up on at least three iced lattes (new addiction), a doorstop tuna sarnie and the best chips ever before feeling prepared the tackle the hills and wrestle the dinosaurs. 

Being a Sunday – markets and car boot sales began sprouting up everywhere to tempt me into buying things I really didn’t need… I was glad I had someone to keep me in a more realistic frame of mind, I almost came away with a full tartan outfit – bag, hat and cape included. It was awesome but I would have looked mental, even at my standards.
Seeing the dinosaurs was obviously at the very top of my list, and they did not disappoint. I mean look at them. Since they were being so friendly / accommodating we decided to stay a while and crack open the prosecco, we stayed to watch the sunset and keep the dinosaurs company before letting them get on with their late night business. We parted ways, leaving us with the perfect opportunity to christen my friend new pad with pasta, prosecco and an ‘About a Boy’ viewing – which funnily enough we were a lot more animated about our true love for that film once the prosecco had kicked in… 
If you haven’t yet seen the wonder of Crystal Palace, get on a bus (or a train, or walk, or fly.. you get the gist) and go.
Hazel has to get this shot, although they look cute I had the feeling it wanted to maul me.


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