Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Coat - H&M, Scarf, Shoes & Blouse - Vintage, Skirt - River Island

The long hair is still kicking around, we are almost back on track lads.

When the days are cold and the streets are littered with puddles, taking a trip to suburbia feels rather necessary. We exchanged a day of culture (we were meant to be gallerying it, the rain destroyed motivation for city life) for a day of eating.

I like the feeling of waking up to an adventure - it always makes me want to dress up, plus this pleather skirt really was looking for someone nice to show off. I never particularly follow trends in the typical sense but I have always had a huge soft spot for tartan 'plaid', theres some Scottish in me somewhere that craves that 'Braveheart' feeling.... finding tartan in a charity shop is even more exciting - thrifting & tartan all in one lovely bundle.

We schlepped down to East Dulwich to devour coffee and cake, in a coffee shop that served 'babyccinos'. Not sure I understand the logic of spending £1.50 on a minute cup of foam but you know, these toddlers do need there hit of coffee shop magic. As soon as I step over the East Dulwich threshold get hit by a sudden urge to buy overpriced vegetables and a dog, this feeling is always a welcome one. As always a trip to the toy museum in East Dulwich was firmly on the cards, we arrived with the excitement of three year olds at the thought of turning a handle, making the toys come to life - that was until the realisation that it was gone hit us. Such a hard blow, one we couldn't recover from. We left a two hour gap before feeling it was acceptable to head to the next eatery on the list, swapping coffee for pints. Walking home seemed to justify the day.

By the time you receive this blogpost, I will be 27 - please leave your condolences below....


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