What to Wear to a French Wedding?...

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

French Wedding
Dress- Monsoon (sale woo), Shoes - Vintage, Clutch - Monsoon, Watch - Present
French Wedding6
The loveliest of people
French Wedding5
A wedding in a castle is a good wedding every time
French Wedding1
French Wedding2
What to Wear to a French Wedding?...

....I obviously have no idea, but this was my attempt.

I can dress myself successfully for most occasions, but there is just something about a big formal occasion that turns me into a complete amateur. I dragged my friend through numerous shopping trips, each getting gradually more frustrating... until I caved, and went with this vintage looking fancy.

NOW the wedding was the most loveliest of weddings. The reception was based in a castle in the French countryside - it looked as whimsical as it felt. I am not the most seasoned of French speakers, but I made it through with ace people chatting in English to me, a lot of universal sign language and lots of wine.

When were greeted at the castle with a wine tasting - I quaffed, enjoyed and of course spit none of it out. It was beautiful weather, something France usually has on us anyway, so we drank champagne, ate canapes and chatted until the bell rang for dinner. At a French wedding, the bridal party make presentations, films and animations, which is definitely a step up from the 'English Banterful' speech - this also helped with my little French - pictures are good...

The rest of the night involved a lot of dancing, cheering the happy couple, a lot of champagne and an early morning walk home through the countryside - bliss.

Congratulations Marie and Stephane!
French Wedding4
French Wedding8
French Wedding7
French Wedding3
The British table.


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