Winning at Wednesdays - 01

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Winning at Wednesdays - 01

A selection of things that have added to my happiness this week.

Watching - The new GAME OF THRONES. I have been waiting for this day for so long, there is only so many times a trailer can be watched before you explode with longing. If you are not at that stage yet then proceed HERE to oogle the trailer some more.

I am also watching the trailer for Frances Ha at least once a day in anticipation for the film. I believe that Greta Gerwig is as awkward and awesome in real life as she is in every film I have seen her in.

Turn up for the books - The first three seasons of Dawsons Creek is on Netflix, this will either enhance my work schedule or destroy it. I may start using far too many big words and emotive language in the next few weeks.

I tried a face mask for the first - shock horror. The girliest thing I have sat and done in a long while, I blame my unusually dry face and beauty bloggers. I used the Sanctuary Spa Moisture Boosting Mask and my face felt ridiculously soft afterwards, so I would say it worked.

Drinking - Espresso Martinis all day, everyday, forever. See above photo and drool.

Thinking About - Schmidt, he isn't even one of my favourite amusing haracters but every time I think of his face recently I giggle. If you haven't heard of New Girl, then I have no idea how that has happened - change it.

Reading - The Daily Mash for a daily dose of satirical humour - just amazing. I am attempting to read Life of Pi, I held back from watching the film until I had finished the book. I am a super quick reader usually but I have had to drag myself through this, I assumed I would love it and drink it up quickly.


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