Great British Sewing Bee.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee is upon us. I thought a little designing was in order.
Great British Sewing Bee.

My poor, lowly sewing machine has been lonely for far too long. When I first started my MA, one of my aims for the course was to illustrate patterns to print onto fabric and then make my own clothes and textiles with. As with everything, a year seems a lot longer in theory than reality and I just didn't have time. Whereas now I am working part time whilst looking for a full time position and have a bit more time to play with - who knows it could be my next big venture.

With the Great British Sewing Bee just starting I thought it was time to dust off my sewing machine and get started. I am the type of person that needs to read a book to feel like I have learnt something, so with that in mind I strolled in front of the sewing machine with my instruction manual (complete gibberish right now) and 'Printing by Hand', which has a whole barrage of simple ideas to make and sew.

Patrick seems full of harsh yet immense feedback - 'It's good from afar, but far from good' I am already rooting for Ann and Tilly...
My Great Grandma was a machinist, my Nanna gave me some of the old patterns she used to get started. The fashion illustrations on the packaging are fantastic! I have posted up a few more detailed pictures here - Ashley Fauguel Illustration.

Below are some of the ace blogs, websites and shops I look to for inspiration, DIY crafts, tutorials and general crafty eye candy. If you have any suggestions, let me know!
The first person I look to for inspiration, amazing pattern design and colour is Wayward Daughter.
The second is Emily over at Me and My Polar Bear. Emily's sewing adventure is documented through beautiful photographs and features.
Poppy and Red Clover is a recent discovery and a pretty awesome one at that. If I can start to sew even half as good as Louise...
The last blog that I reach to for some crafty ideas is, of course - A Beautiful Mess. No other words necessary.


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