The day my skirt fell off.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The day my skirt fell off.

Yes you read it right, my skirt fell off.... in public. This skirt has been waiting patiently in my wardrobe since I bought it in the Topshop sale last year, I gave it a little nip and tuck (far too long... what?) to make it wearable and how does it repay me? by reducing me, ultimately to a flasher. Thank god for thick tights (cheers Company) As you may be able  to tell from these photos, I turn into the most awkward woman when I'm having my photo taken despite my best efforts.

My style of late (in the words of my boyfriend) seems to be '1940's housewife' and I think I'm ok with that. I spent the rest of the day grasping my skirt to avoid another reveal, listening to a group of creatives talk about 'Creative Colloboration' and of course, drinking cider.

In other shocking news, today is the first time watching 'Deep Impact'. Shame on me. Although in my defence when it comes to world ending disaster movies I am more of an 'Armageddon', 'Independence Day' kind of girl.
Most awkward woman.
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How many layers?


  1. Gorgeous outfit! xx


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