Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bushstock Festival

I spent the weekend wandering around Shepherds Bush with Laura for the Communian music 'Bushstock Festival' I am a big fan of Communian and the acts they support already but it was cool to see them live and discover a few new gems. Matthew and the Atlas, Lets Buy Happiness, Ellen & the Escapades, Juan Zelada, Laterns on the Lake, Daughter, Burning beard and Marcus Foster - if you haven't already heard of these then sort it out...

I don't know about you but I get so involved with the music I listen to - Bushstock had a distinct folk vibe to it. Knee slapping, weeping and happy smiling faces. The exception to the day for me was Burning Beard, they were not remotely folksy but the heavier rock element was so welcome. The lead singer Henry has one stupendous beard - I would have been upset if he was bald after the title had enticed me...

Matthew and the Atlas was a big favourite from the day, his voice has such an old, emotional quality to it that literally makes you want to weep - happily of course. Marcus Foster was fantastic live (he has lovely but sad eyes) - Robert Pattinson turned out to support his friend and I spent quite a lot of the night helping to be a bodyguard (people are mad) and trying not to stroke his face. The festival was spread over some unique venues - like a church, old toilet and a car park, which added to the amazing atmosphere. After a big breakfast to prepare I spent the day in a music fuelled mania, drinking pimms in a church and dancing. So much dancing.

I wish I could have taken more snaps of the bands themselves but I was just too entranced and lets face it - a little drunk.

I picked my outfit relying on the sun, which did not make too much an appearance. I added some tights and a pair of boots, which I feel a lot more comfortable in - dressing for summer doesn't interest me to be honest.
Lauras purse within a purse amazed me. No idea why.
Pimms in a church felt naughty. Matt and the Atlas doing his thing below.
Skirt - American Apparell, Shirt - Topshop, Boots - Second Hand


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