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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bumbag Action
Jumper, Skirt, Boots, Tights - Primark
Ring - Topshop, Tote - Zara
Bumbag Action
Bumbag Action
Bumbag Action

Full Primark outfit. Boom. To be fair I don't usually like wearing all one brand but it's definately turning out to be one of my most thrifty outfits. My bumbag was able to get in on the action - it may have drew a few strange glances BUT I think its ace. It was my first 'real' day back in Uni today for a (very cool, it turns out) lecture, lunch and a bit of banter. On my way home I managed to scope out a white shirt for £1 and a vintage 'Learn French' book from the 70's for £1.50 (it turns out that finding a vintage book on it somehow makes the whole learning experience seem more appealing...)

I still (as always) have an absolute mound of work to get through so I am generally going to have to be miss unsocial to claw my way through some of it, but I have a nice little trip to the V&A tomorrow to do some observational drawings (I will be the person looking slightly embarassed if people look at my sketchbook...) and then on to the Nobrow opening :) - they are both art related, which means I am not cheating. :)

Hope everyone is getting back into the monotonous swing of things after Christmas and are not drifting into a January depression... on a brighter note I cannot stop listening to the new Black Keys album - ACE!


  1. Love this outfit, the bag & jumper especially are gorgeous!


    1. Thanks - the tote was a steal in the sale at Zara! X

  2. Love your jumper! :) and your hair looks really nice.
    Btw, I've given you an award :)x

  3. Gorgeous jumper! & I love your hair <3


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