A Quiet Few Days...

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Well I have been rather unproductive on my blog and the internet in general the last few days... I have been struck down with Tonsilitis. Again. (anyone else just completely not shocked at this news? Happens often enough) As much as I hate the thought of an operation its getting to the point when I really would like them whipped out - not that easy though. So I have spent the last few days either in work doped up on paracetamol and penicillin or laid like a vegetable.

In brighter news I have the perfect winter coat (not that I could afford but...) I have an awesome week planned next week, I finish work in exactly one week tomorrow, the next step of my education is almost about to start, I have booked tickets to Switzerland to take in some amazing steak action and I managed to bag tickets to London for 9 quid - steal!

I am now going to continue this weeks cycle, lie like a carrot and watch 'Lars and the Real Girl'


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