The Girl in the Bowler Hat

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bowler Hat - H&M, Backpack - Spanish market

I managed to seriously sharpen up my haggling skills and snapped up this little leather number in Gran Canaria (was 75 Euros I snagged it for 15..smug) I have been on the hunt for a bowler hat for what seems like an actual age.. I did want a vintage bowler, not sure why but I caved when I set eyes on this H&M amazeballs bowler! The no make up shots make me look slightly dead... but it was needed to show off the hat to its full potential!

Anyway I completely forgot that the 'Northern Quarter Street Party' was happening this weekend like a complete moran so instead of enjoying an ice cold beer and dancing I am watching 'The Breakfast Club' Great alternative but still...

Ok back to the film - almost at the hand punch, yes!!!


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