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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Switzerland was so much fun I ate far too much cheese, bread, steak and tomatoes, drank far too much of pretty much all types of alcohol, ate a 'Bretzel' - awesomeness right there, went to see Potter, almost went to see Potter a second time but decided to wait for the IMAX version and went for lots of meals/drinks. I stayed in La Chaux De Fonds, which isnt the most stereotypically beautiful part of Switzerland but I love it, it has so much character (cheesy but oh so true)
We went for a day out to Montreux to see 'The Jazz festival', it was possibly the most amazing day - the sun was out (which for me sometimes is not a great thing, my pale white British arms just cant take it - even with a years travelling under my belt!!!) Montreux is on the edge of a lake overlooking 'The Alps' so we spent quite a lot of the day with our feet in the lake sipping Carprinias. I tried Raclette(grilled cheese scraped over potatoes)We played mini golf, listened to jazz, watched a very dodgy French Comedian, breakdancing, drinking beer, watching impromptu gigs, dancing, taking literally a hundred pictures and generally having a stellar time.


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