'Stay Classy San Diego' and Las Vegas

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Las Vegas, what can I say. It was perfect timing for me to celebrate my 24th birthday in style :) We stayed at The Flamingo Casino - our bathroom had a TV - you cant get more cool than that! We spent our time getting free drinks, wandering around Casinos amazed, staring at bright lights, playing with flamingos, gambling money, losing money, watching 'The Lion King' in upgraded seats and going to some actually awesome clubs!
San Diego was pretty unexpected after the arctic weather in San Francisco, it was actually HOT - bad move discarding nearly all my summer clothes! Ah well I still had my trusty denim cut-offs to see me through! We stayed at a hostel on Ocean Beach - the beach + hot weather = two very happy customers! We spent our time playing beer pong, having BBQs on the beach, cheering on Shamu, wearing out feet out walking for miles, getting wet almost everyday at Seaworld and eating lots of ice cream sundaes :)


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