LA and New york, New York!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

LA was hot! We stayed at a hostel on Melrose. We were excited to spot Kanye West vintage tee buying although we were far too English to actually speak to him... We found that everyone in LA wanted to be an actor/singer/general 'it' person. We spent our time having fun in Universal Studios, getting scared shitless in the 'House of Horrors', partying on Sunset Boulevard, eating salad (we were in LA), scouring Rodeo Drive, vintage shopping on Melrose and people watching on Venice Beach.
New York, New York - everything I had imagined! It was actually freezing, definately no more need for shorts, anything less than three layers just would not have worked! We spent our time visiting her Lady Liberty, wandering around a completely frozen Central Park, watching films outside with hot chocolate, drinking cocktails, shopping, sightseeing, vintage shopping in Brooklyn, playing on massive pianos, drinking coffee and eating lots of pizza and bagels :)


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