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Sunday, 20 March 2011

I wasn't overly enamoured with Bangkok! Khaosan Road was interesting and the street food was actually pretty awesome but there were far too many people hassling you all the time! You know your staying in a good hostel when the first thing you see is a sign saying "Thai women not allowed" Not the best hostel, but for 3 quid a night you can't complain! We managed to be involved in a mid-aternoon monsoon and oogled at a giant Buddha! We experienced our first Thai buckets and the infamous Tuk Tuks!

Koh Samui was such a pretty and laid back part of Thailand. Lots of pretty beaches to burn my ridiculously white skin on - I looked ridiculous for most of Asia :) We found a cheap hostel when we got there for like 3 quid a night with a manager that showered us with free drinks - bonus! The Thai food is so cheap but and mouth wateringly tasty! We pretty much just read books, ate food and relaxed on the beach in preparation for the infamous 'Full Moon Party' on Koh Phangnan, which was amazing! The night was filled with overflowing buckets of vodka, flaming skipping ropes and dancing in the sea :)wonderful!

I never thought I would find a place where paleness is reveared instead of pitied... mental! Thai women shouting "Do not ruin your lovely skin" at me when I started turning from a see through colour to pink and then having beach umbrellas sneakily put up next to me!

We caught THE bumpiest bus to Phuket - thank god for sickness tablets eh! Phuket seems like the much seedier Thai version of Benidorm - cool but tacky! We Went on a boat trip to Phi Phi to see the stunning island where 'The Beach' was filmed, so lovely and I got to go snorkeling, which felt so un-natural.

We had an eventful two day bus journey to get to Malaysia, which involved staying in a rather dodgy hostel - the first room we were offered actually a lock on the outside, no thank you! Being sold on the black market definately wasn't on my checklist! Malaysia was lovely, the men were a little intimidating and my friend had her bag stolen, which put a definite downer on things! We were able to go to the top of the Malaysian twin towers and managed to get a free tour up the 'KL Tower' - nice one. The food was ridiculously good i'm surprised I haven't at least doubled in size! Monkeys just wander the streets like residents.

We had yet another eventful journey to Singapore, my friend had been given an emergency passport and the Malaysian/Singapre border were not convinced by this and we missed our coach and had to make our own way to Singapore from the border! We witnessed a beautiful improptu concert by the river - it's little moments like this that really made me realise the magnitude of the experience I was having :) Coolest statue award goes to Singapore for the 'Merlion' :) Singapore was clean, relaxing and we had the most comfortable hostel ever so we slept, ate and recouperated!


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