Russia - Beijing!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Russia was actually the craziest place I have been, everyone was so hostile all the time, people kept laughing at us which I have to say was a little disconcerting but fun all the same! We saw some amazing places in Russia everything was just so surreal and amazingly beautiful! Seeing red square at night was a highlight and also spending time in a bar where it was 'buy 1 get 3 free' - it was like we had stepped back in time, everyone was dancing to the cheesiest old music, including 'Endless Love' Moscow was 40 degrees, I was literally melting! My English skin just cant take it! We spent a lot of time sat with our feet in the fountains outside the Bolshoi theatre! We went to see a Russian ballet - it would have been rude not to. Vodka/Beer was ridiculously cheap... obviously! We got to meet our group coming with us on the Vodka train (2 swiss lads, a german guy and a couple from Newzealand) Everyone was awesome! We also popped over to see Lenins Masoleum which was a weird experience, it's not every day you see an embalmed dead body!

The Train... staying in a cabin on a train for four days was pretty daunting but turned out to be so much fun! We shared a room with our two new Swedish friends. I can now add jumping onto a moving train to my list of achievements! When they say your stopping for half an hour they are probably lying - it means 5 minutes and if your not back on you will need to run for your life! We had a disconcerted Mongolian man trying to take down any person brave enough to get in his way, which was a little strange but hilarious. As the Norweigen guy he headbutted found out - he was handcuffed until he sobered up! We played a hell of a lot of card games and yatzee and drank a lot of vodka and beer! So a fun journey... one I wont forget any time soon!

Mongolia was pretty awesome, one of the prettiest places I have ever seen! We got to visit a 'Ger Camp' and a traditional Mongolian nomadic family! We tried the local brew of fermented horse milk... not cool but it would have been disrespectful not to finish it - another achievement! We got a chance to go horseriding in the Mongolian countryside and I tried my hand at a cheeky bit of archery! Im going to come home a extreme sports enthusiast! We were able to stay in an actual Ger! One of the best experiences of my whole trip was sat outside in the Mongolian countryside at night, with a beer and watching the stars! I have never seen stars like it - the sky was literally glittering :)
Mongolia is one of ,my favourite places so far!!! The Mongolian people are so friendly - a nice change after witnessing the Russian hospitality!

Beijing was amazing, really loved it! Facebook, Youtube and even blogger were banned (shock horror) It was so strange not being able to go on certain sites! Snack street was certainly a crazy experience there were scorpians (which our friend Will devoured eugh)seahorse!, starfish and silk worms! As you can imagine I didn't try any of those but I did try the fried ice cream :) I discovered i'm a big Chinese food fan - who knew! I loved almost everything I tried especially the duck pancakes! People in Beijing kept taking pictures of us and making their children have pictures with us! - random to say the least. The Great Wall is probably one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen, we went on the Badaling section where it was mainly locals! We had a picnic on one of the turrets :) so surreal!
Beijing was just so pretty, so many parks and lovely treats for the eyes! The forbidden city was awesome! Beijing was also crazily hot! We got to witness some early morning tai chi in the park, they looked very cool!


  1. Hello There! =)
    I was checking out pics of salvation mountain when i clicked on your blog.
    And read that you're coming to Singapore. =)
    I live here and I hope you have a great time here!... it's nothing too special though considering this is a really city place. Still have a fun and safe trip!


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