Refresh Repeat

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Refresh Repeat
Refresh Repeat

Procrastination solely fuelled by the internet is a new hobby. Refresh repeat, refresh repeat, refresh repeat.. the internet constantly offers new content to seduce my brain and concentration every second.  The internet is like an irritating friend - it wants to talk a lot, be the centre of attention and basically draw your attention away from any task you were about to complete.

Pre-internet obsession, my procrastination capabilities were still pretty strong - I would quite happily clean my kitchen, organise my book shelf into alphabetical order, re-organise my book shelf to group colour groups (Pinterest innit?), sort of my wardrobe, eat dinner, bake a cake (eugh, baking)... I wonder if there are strange creatures out there who don't procrastinate? Would they be allowed to be counted as 100% human if they can complete a task straight away?...

*Just so you are fully aware, I made the above graphic whilst procrastinating about starting another project. Yep, that's right guys - I procrastinated by designing a graphic to show the ways I procrastinate. Yep.


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