When in Rome

Monday, 11 January 2016

When in Rome

'When in Rome' - yeah, I'm that guy.

I'm also the guy that quoted Gladiator whilst walking around the Colosseum... I mean, who wouldn't?

If you have been slinking over to this area of the internet for a while, you will have probably heard me endlessly gush about my travelling experiences. If not, here is the short version, breath and....

I went travelling for just under a year with one of my best buddies, we visited some of the most exciting, stunning and awe-inspiring places on the whole entire planet, including Moscow, the Trans-Siberian Railway via Mongolia to Beijing, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and North America. When our year was up, I had obviously had an incredible time, but it also made me realise that I had a lot of European destinations / places I could hop for a long weekend that had been un-explored. Un-touched territory.

My European takeover started in 2015 with Berlin, before scooting over to Italy... ah Rome, you were endlessly sweet... So, I thought I would share some of my pictures and thoughts as to why Italy is so goddam beautiful, here we go:

  1. Rome is kinda rough around the edges, nothing looks primped and perfected. The paint on the walls is crumbling away, the graffiti shouts wherever it likes and the buildings are worn. To me, that is beautiful, it shows history, fun and a life lived. The wrinkles of the world not being hidden away, but celebrated.
  2. The food - pizza, pasta, pizza, pasta..... a revolving stream of delicious carbs that manage to taste nicer in the cheapest places that Rome has to offer than the fanciest places of anywhere else. 
  3. The drinks - anyplace that serves me the most delicious wine and coffee and every occasion is a bloody banger of a place in my eyes. 
  4. I love how old Rome is, how steeped in history, how many huge events in the history of the world has happened there and how many stories began in Ancient Rome. I spent my time wandering around in complete awe, my eyes had no idea what to look at first and my brain was constantly wishing wikipedia would pop up in the street and describe a certain paving stone or fountain to me (best idea ever?).
  5. Rome (I'm assuming all of Italy possesses this..) is the most passionate city I have ever encountered. Everywhere I looked there were young couples, old couples and new couples openly in love and showing it - not worrying for one second that people would stare or find it remotely unusual that they were snogging each others faces off at every moment, and why should they? 
  6. Also much amusement was gained from witnessing the male sculptures genitalia being carefully hidden away with a strategically placed leaf....

We stayed on a campsite, yes a campsite... sounds like a rather odd choice for a November trip to Italy, but hear me out. We had wanted to visit Rome for so long and we knew it would be rather expensive to stay in a city centre hotel / apartment so we started to look into alternatives. My friend suggested 'Camping Village Roma' and the deal was done. This place was great, super close to the centre of Rome (10 minute bus), clean, friendly and above all, super cheap.

Anyway, I adored Rome, have you been? What are your thoughts? Favourite parts?

I know need to pick my next European destination... any ideas?


  1. Your photos are lovely - looks like amazing weather for November! My favourite things about Rome was the gelato (I ate at least two a day!) and of course all the historicalness. On the flip side, and I know this is stupid because it IS a tourist hotspot, I found it v.v.touristy, to the point it was off putting. I also went with an ex-boyf which I fear has somewhat marred my view of it (funny how who you're with can impact an experience). Couldn't fault the food though,and all the delicious blood oranges! My favourite European visits include: Budapest, Brussels and Barcelona - all the b's!

    1. Cheers Annie! The weather was definitely something I was not expecting but it was a welcome surprise! Oh, the gelato - I forgot a key love, pistachio??? It was very touristy, I was on the verge of blowing at the tour guides by day 3! I understand that completely, I went to Paris with my ex and I it now has a slight weird tinge to it - We will both have to go back and make new, better memories!. Brussels is high up on my list - good shout! x

  2. Love this want to go all over again!!


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