Making Hangovers More Fun

Sunday, 9 August 2015

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Making Hangovers More Fun

Hangovers are not fun, fact.

On a hangover day, I retreat into a cave of darkness, eat KFC, watch Netflix and just write the day off as a bad one. Last week, I decided to buck that trend, leave the house and actually enter society. If you are going to join me and be one of the 'brave one's' who leaves the confines of the bed then there are four things you absolutely need to do:

  1. Shower, that booze scent is probably going to follow you around for most of the day but any attempt at masking that is definitely the way to go.
  2. Put on a fancy outfit, including shoes that will brighten most peoples days (sunglasses are also a must).
  3. Hair of the dog, always. 
  4. Take a pal on the journey with you.

I had a few reasons that taking a 'write off' day wasn't going to work, for one it was sunny, but more importantly, I was absolutely desperate to take my new shoes out for a walk. Me and Milla entered the outside world, nursed and beer and then went for a jaunt around our local park. Anywhere you can walk into and you feel like you are wandering into some type of magical land covered with wild flowers is a good idea any day.

This was also the day I found my dream winter coat in the newly refurbished 'Jim Dandy' vintage shop in Camberwell, you will see her just as soon as I can wear her without collapsing into a pool of sweat. Fate it appears, came a'calling.

I felt better, Milla felt better and the shoes were welcomed into my life.
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Top & Pants - Topshop, Shows - ASOS, Sunnies - Vintage, Bag - TK Maxx
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  1. Those shoes are truly the best and so sum you up! Can you take me to this magical field of flowers please!!


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