Notting Hill Carnival | Drunken Street Dancing

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Notting Hill
Jacket & Skirt - Topshop, Books - New Look, Necklace - Dahlia, Top - Vintage
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Notting Hill Carnival | Drunken Street Dancing

I have always watched the coverage of the Notting Hill Carnival with awe - so naturally, as soon as I  uprooted and planted myself in London, it happened. This post is long overdue but everyone needs a bit of carnival spirit no matter what the season.

I came to the carnival prepared with my most eccentric array of clothing, tissues, prosecco, gin, cider and a thirst to dance - my priorities firmly in order. If you haven't heard of the Notting Hill Carnival it's a huge, colourful carnival that takes over the streets of Notting Hill for two days a year, and has done so since 1966, and will hopefully continue for many more.

The streets are filled with incredible music, happy people and ALL of the colour - bands circling the streets on the back of lorries spreading tunes and positivity, Caribbean dancers doing their incredible thing, steel pan sounds ringing around London and more corn on the cobbs devoured than I can even imagine. I loved my first carnival experience, the only downside I found were the endless crowds (I spent a lot of the time penguining around, almost just levitating through the crowds) and the never ending search for the toilet, oh to be a man in those fateful situations...

I am not sure if I have ever mentioned the fact that I spent 5 years playing in a steel pan band?..... well... I spent 5 years playing in a steel pan band, I was actually quite good and I loved it. The sound steel pans make may be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. The carnival has definitely ignited my pan playing spirit - could I join a band here? I think so.

Any amazing Notting Hill stories that I can get lost in? If so, you have to leave them below!
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