Things That Have Made Me Smile

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Things That Have
Things that have made me smile

1.   Popping open my top bottom on my jeans, and letting it all hang out after eating the tastiest Lebanese food at Comptoir Libanais.

2.   Gaining 9 followers on my YouTube channel - there are now 31 people who can stand to hear me talk....

3.   Watching utter rubbish on Netflix whilst drinking peppermint tea in my house coat at 1am.

4.   The new Drums album - Encyclopedia.

5.   Listening to my guilty playlist when work is BUSY.

6.   Finding the black mules I wanted desperately sat on the shelf on there own in my size in Primark.

7.   Facetiming Allan about utter rubbish.

8.   Succumbing to a bagel breakfast. The best days follow a bagel breakfast.

9.   Tyler Oakley's 'Psycho Babble' Podcasts. The gossip necessary for a weekday.

10.  Watching 'Cilla' and drooling over the ridiculously cool Sixties clothes.

11.   Going home to Manchester.


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