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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

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Honest Burger 02

You can't walk around London without meeting at least 10 new burger joints, the burger inception doesn't look to be ending anytime soon, but Honest Burger do burgers well, and at £8 for a burger AND chips (none of this sides on the side business) is a pretty wise choice.

I have blogger and raved about the Honest Burger in Brixton Market before but seens as Honest is expanding - the obvious thing for me to do is try out all of the locations to check for brand consistency. First up - the newest of the gang, Oxford Circus. I am not going to lie, the prospect of juicy burgers on my lunch hour makes the working day better (possibly more sleepy in the afternoon, but I can handle).

If you haven't dabbled yet, here's the low down:

The service - Great. No hassling, just nice people serving meat to the masses.

The burger - Juicy, cooked to perfection and three choices of cheese to melt dow your fingers.

The chips - Oh the chips... salted rosemary infused loveliness.

As for the outfit... well, that morning wasn't a fun morning to get dressed - it ended with me leaving the house red-faced with all my wardrobe thrown onto my bed. Dressing for work in the summer sucks, usually ending with me dressing for winter minus a coat. I think white adds a summer touch but overall this outfit was a bit of a fail. A warm fail.

Any great tips for summer work wear?
Honest Burger 02
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