The Key Three - Vintage, Design & Cake

Friday, 6 June 2014

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The Key Three - Vintage, Design & Cake

Going back to Manchester for the weekend always means three things - shopping, gossiping, food... I managed to fit the key three into a Sunday, the day of rest.

I wanted to visit the new 'Nadinoo' store that has recently opened in the Manchester Craft & Design Centre, so I donned my beautiful, lace vintage coat and did exactly that! I managed to photograph (loads...) and film a little in store, which is something you will hopefully see very soon.

Going to a craft centre with home made cakes and not eating one is ridiculous, and I am no fool... we got the biggest slice, an iced coffee and placed ourselves at the most opportune angle to people watch.. After the sugar rush had subsided slightly, we went straight from design into vintage, where we stayed and found ALL the stuff.

Anyway, until next time Manchester... until I hop the train back, where have you found to be the BEST places to shop vintage / second hand? Tell all!
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Design Manchester10
Design Manchester9
Design Manchester2
Design Manchester7
Top & Jeans - Topshop, Cardigan, brooch & Coat - Vintage, Boots - Dune
Design Manchester1
Look at Manchester showing off..
Design Manchester
Charity shop / second hand / vintage shopping in Manchester is the best. If you are nosy enough to want to know what I bought... I filmed a full video, handy eh? Have a look here - YouTube


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