Bear Pit

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Coat - Topshop, Scarf - Vintage
Bear Pit.

When packing to go to Switzerland this time, I stuffed my meagre hand luggage full of scarfs, gloves, hats (whilst obviously wearing at least 4 extra layers to get on the plane that wouldn't fit in my hand luggage - books literally dripping out of each pocket...) but I was shocked. There I was expecting baltic conditions and it was rather mild, good for me but bad for my choice of wardrobe.

I needed a new winter coat - although my other one looked the part with its big fur and fancy exterior but it just wasn't cut out for winter weather, it was a bit of a wimp. So I called in the big guns with this beautiful forest green creation - it looks the part and feels like I am walking around wearing a thermal sleeping bag. Ace.

Switzerland has a habit of looking pretty in all circumstances, a rainy day somehow enhances the colour of the rivers and trees so despite the rain we took a trip to Bern. I was obviously already attracted by the thought of mulled wine under an umbrella but what I didn't expect was bears. BEARS. Literally wandering about, eating pumpkins near the river.

I am just getting ready to go to my first networking event today. I am armed with my business cards and iPad portfolio. Although you may find me stood at the back with my head down, nursing a glass of wine...
Bears eating pumpkins...
Frenching it up.


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