Moonrise Kingdom.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Drew this because lets face it she is one cool dude.
Moonrise Kingdom...

... Everything I wanted and more. Wes Anderson - what a guy. His films have a distinct folky, rocky, light beaming, aesthetically pleasing feel to them - you can imagine every shot being captured and used as a beautiful photograph. I have come to expect greatness from each and every one of his films so I was a little nervous going to see Moonrise Kingdom incase I had built up an impossible vision of how good it was going to be BUT... it smashed it. I mean any film with Bill Murray in it (besides the horror that was Garfield...) is going to be pretty damn awesome.

In Moonrise Kingdom two young lovers flee their small town to be together - the freshness and sense of adventure feels like an escapade everyone wants to be a part of. I saw this pattern clashing film adventure at the 'Screen on the Green' cinema in Angel, which I am certain added to the wonderment of the film - cocktails and cake to your comfy/well bounced seat? Hell yes! With the old fashioned velvet drawstring curtains I felt like an excited child, which I suppose is the way you are supposed to view a Wes Anderson creation?

Suzy Bishop is pretty much my new style icon so you can expect to see me sauntering around this summer in mini dresses and knee socks, watching you from afar through my binoculars. I just had to draw her so I hope you like it.

Just awesome - 'Does it concern you that your daughter has just run away?'... 'That's a loaded question'


  1. My local and one of my favourite cinemas! I havent seen this yet but definitely want to.

    1. You should definitely see it whilst it is still at the cinema! Ace film! x

  2. I can't wait to see it!!!!!
    you have some really nice pictures, i'm following you via GFC!


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