Friday, 1 June 2012

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Balancing University work and actually seeing other human beings has never been my strong point (I am working on it... kind of) so I have only just gotten around to posting these photos from a couple of weeks ago. Going to Switzerland is quite a regular occurrence for me at the moment, despite that fact I still manage to take a full memory cards worth of photos everytime! I did have an excuse this time however as me and Allan took a little trip to Gruyere, there was no point being on a diet in Switzerland - I would break it monumentally!

Gruyere was one of the prettiest places I have ever had the pleasure of wandering round, the sun decided to make an appearance after a moody start to the day. The staff in the little restaurants took on the vintage Swiss look, which made the visit all the more enchanting. This perfectly preserved old castle village is small but is home to a wealth of cheese, cream and chocolate - perfect. I must admit when wandering around the quaint town you do not expect to come across an 'Alien' bar and museum... but that is exactly what we found. The special effects designer for the movie 'Alien' is originally from Gruyere - so obviously the natural choice was to set up a shrine to the film there.

I have a few too many photos to squeeze into the one post so I will spread them out a little.
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