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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Middleton Adventures
Middleton Adventures
Middleton Adventures

At the moment I keep taking photographs, putting them in a folder and thats where they stay. Taking the time to blog at the moment is playing another part in my role as the 'Queen of Procrastination' but seens as I was already partaking in procrastination I thought I may aswell carry on doing it a little longer. Oh yeah.

I made the trip back up to Manchester for a few days and spent a day shopping and trawling the little outskirt shopping centres with Marie (not pictured - obviously) enabling us to swap the pub for a cheap greasy spoon. I got a few 'she's mad' looks whipping my camera out in a cafe full of builders and old people but what the hell. It didn't particularly help that I was wearing a full on 'badass' jacket and what my Nanna calls my 'floozy shorts'.

I would like to mix my illustrations and work into this blog without diverting too much from what I post on here at the moment so I have also been putting off posting as I am unsure how that will go yet but hopefully it just will.... thats how it usually works isn't it?...

Anyway University is back in full swing after the brief Easter lull and I am currently spending a week in hibernation attempting to get everything up to scratch (at the least) for my first assessment on Tuesday. We had a few of the Camberwell alumni come in to talk to us about their glowing careers. It was really interesting and nice to know that a lot of the graduates have been able to push it in Illustration. Yay.

Ok back to work and 24... obviously


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