2012. Already?

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year
New Year
I have decided that this year I am not going to make actual resolutions – instead I am going to set goals for myself to achieve, things to work towards in the coming year in a hope to organise my life.

- Complete my Masters Degree

- Enter as many illustration competitions as is humanly possible

- Blog more – on this blog and its illustration twin

- Buy less clothes – I realise this may not be entirely possible but I am hoping to tailor what I already have to make it work – DIY

- Eat more healthily and exercise in an attempt to boost my shot immune system and lose that little bit of padding for the coming summer months

- Look after myself

- Work harder – try to be less ‘last minute’ especially with ridiculously important projects

- Visit Edinburgh

- Be able to have a conversation in French

- Go away somewhere warm and relaxing with Allan

- Have an illustration published

- Be less nervous about photographing my outfits – I am no model but I need to stop being so shy with it!

- Balance my social/work life better – see my friends more.

- Make my first item of clothing

- Attempt to keep a lovely flow of things on Etsy

- Get through my mighty book list

- Part time job to keep me going


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