Letter Writing Project - The Reply

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I walk in from a long day to find this little gem waiting for me - it's the nicest feeling to receive a letter especially one this pretty and filled with goodies! It was such a great idea of Marlous - have a look at her blog 'last days of spring' to have as look at the rest of the project :)

I have had such a good day - we had a mono printing workshop in Uni, it's exciting to be properly introduced to something new and exciting that really seemed to agree with me, I will be definitely using it in my work. I also have my idea for my project proposal finally cemented so wahey!

I was also a little shocked/excited at the reaction to my last post - cheers guys :)


  1. Ahh what a truly lovely thing to receive in the mail! I love the way you have photographed it as well :D xo

  2. Ohh! These are so cute! I never get post (except off the bank telling me i'm poor O_O ehe)

    Where did you go travelling?! I'm sure i'll find out after snooping though! hehe.

    Love your blog! xx

  3. Thanks - yes it is somewhere on here but I went to Russia, Mongolia, Beijing, Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sydney, New Zealand and North America - wow when I write it down it seems like everywhere! Best thing ever! x


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