Me and the Moon

Friday, 14 October 2011

Skirt - Primark, Shirt - New Look
Brogues - Kate Kanzier

We had 'Welcome Meeting' drinks at University to meet the rest of the tutors and see the Art Gallery - free drinks, wahey. It was pretty cool - I had the chance to meet a lot of people of my course and we all carried onto a local pub for booze and banter! I then decided to meet some other friends across the other side of London - so endured a rather hilarious drunken train ride.. safe to say I'm not feeling the freshest of people today. I did man up and drag myself out of bed for a spot of University/charity shop shopping (ok I bought one sketch book, but I found the most perfect tweed blazer and a furry bag - the coat smells seriously dodgy though so that may have to go down as a working progress)

Anyway I have definitely taken part in my share of rambling for the time being so I'm going to curl up with Jack Bauer. Nighty night.


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