Happy Halloween

Monday, 31 October 2011

Topshop - Dress, Brogues - Kate Kanzier, Cardi - Urban Outfitters
Flowery Hairband - Hand made

Happy Halloween! Ooooo! Like most people I celebrated Halloween on Saturday with the sole idea of being able to get very drunk on a non school night :) To be fair I shambled together what was supposed to be a 'Day of the Dead' festival goer. I made the rookie mistake of purchasing pound shop face paint, which obviously was complete crap and ended up painting my face with guache - could have been terrible but it worked. Jackpot.

All around it was a pretty great night - ending with a very late night flit to KFC, I really need to stop eating so much crap and begin a healthy diet - I am almost 25... but it was so, so good. Spent Sunday feeling pretty shabby and attempting to do some University work but ended up watching Downton Abbey and making lots of lists (just to try and convince myself I'm doing something. Obviously)


  1. Darling, I love your outfit! ;) And your friend in hawaian shirt looks pretty awesome too. I also love the way you write, which I can't say about many fashion bloggers.
    You look like a dead hippie to me. As a matter of fact, I've just seen a photograph of a girl in just pants, boots and that same painted face- was that your inspiration by any chance?

  2. Thanks - it was very last minute, luckily the guache didn't bring my face out in a massive rash! My Hawaian shirted friend did have an ace girl/boy outfit but mid party got comfy! You like the way I write? Awesome, I just try and be myself if I can. It was inspired by the Mexican festival 'Day of the Dead' when everybody dresses like this!

  3. I absolutely love your face makeup! Looks like you had a great night! :)


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