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Monday, 24 October 2011

Dress (worn as top) - Primark, Skirt - Thrifted, Boots - Topshop
Faux Fur - Primark, Hat - Primark, Rings - Thrifted & Jwllry

I am currently suffering massively with a cold - but I made it into University for my tutorial (dedicated student right there) before slinking right back into bed for a Heroes marathon. This may be the last outfit type post for a few days until I look less gross (or possibly more gross on Halloween)

This is the outfit I wore for my friends birthday - I made the long schlep from London to Leeds for some drunken fun (not so drunken in the end due to this goddamn cold but still fun) I found this hair clip/hat type thing in Primark - It didn't have a price so when I took it to the till they put it through for 50p. Bargain. If I had my own way I would just wear head to toe faux fur all Winter if I didn't think I would look a bit too Ab Fab... especially paired with leopard skin - I just can't seem to help myself :)


  1. Hello fellow Londoner! I love the green(blue?) fur and the sheer skirt!

  2. Such cute style! Your look is very unique, never lose that! Have a wonderful day.

    XO Hilary

  3. The Faux fur is a very cute feature, easily applied to any outfit

  4. Thanks! I know I'm a little obsessed with collecting/wearing faux fur - found a few little furry gems in a couple of charity shops :) London is good for charity bargains!

  5. As if that stole is Primarni! Great look :)


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