You Beauty!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Little addition to the family

You Beauty

OOH look what came in the post today, My brand spanking new Tripod, extremely excited to use it - rather sad I know, I found it rather cheap on Play so assumed it may be pants but i'm impressed! My new little addition to my now growing Brogue collection also arrived this week - I think i'm ready for winter now, probably good thing with the English climate!

I have just received good news about my Loan for University so I have put myself on a 'clothes buying ban' with a few exceptions; 1. I can buy something if its truly a one-off and not having the item would make my life considerably worse. 2. it's from a Charity shop (cant deprive the charity's the funds) OR 3. Its something to go with my outfit for the Wedding i'm attending. So a few exceptions but I think we all need a little le-way - less room for failure :)

Also I have a Tumblr now - I feel a new obsession coming on!


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